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by Mark Frazier

Lee Williams, my friend and co-founder of PositiveOne, wrote ‘The Becoming’ in one night. The words came to him all at once because he was driven to write a message about finding true purpose. Producing ‘The Becoming’ is part of our personal journey in creating PositiveOne.

A few years ago, Lee and I decided to re-evaluate the way we were thinking. We were looking at life from a negative viewpoint. We were quick to point out the problems and the issues, because that is what the world around us seemed to be focused on, based on the news, conversations with friends and current events.

We realized we were operating in what we now call ‘wrong-mindedness’. We let the negative thoughts take over our existence. Wrong-mindedness was spreading to our environment, and it put a stop to creative ideas and solutions. If we were always thinking about what was wrong with something, we would never progress.

That moment of realization reminded us of the Jay-Z song, Public Service Announcement. Now, we would like to re-introduce ourselves to the world, with a new mindset, PositiveOne.

By adopting a new way of thinking, it forced us to evaluate and review our own lives. It meant having deeper conversations with people we love and trust. It meant learning truths about ourselves that were hard to accept. For me, I saw that my state of mind affected my well-being, my level of success professionally, and the way I raise my children.

Lee and I had to ask ourselves what was stopping us from doing what we wanted to do. We questioned the excuses we used to explain why we hadn’t achieved what we wanted. We looked inward to see what we could build within ourselves.

We challenged our thought processes. We changed our mindset. We became PositiveOne.

The toxins of denial and negative thoughts cleared. We were free to think, make choices and act within this positive mindset. We realized that we could make things better in the community and ultimately the world with a new mindset. We wanted to connect with others and spread love.

Lee and I are different thinkers now. We have the same stresses in life that everyone else has, but we go about our lives with a different mindset. We have inner peace. We are happier. Our choices are ours. We see progression in our lives. We focus on the present and look forward to the day ahead. We look for good, and we find it.

PositiveOne is a mindset.

Lee can be heard saying, “Action is everything. There is nothing but action.” We took action by starting PositiveOne. Our mission is to empower and encourage people to think positively by building their self-awareness, self-confidence & self-worth. If everyone does one thing to help someone else I promise you this world will be a better place. That is the love we want too spread.

We accept that we are constantly evolving, realizing our own truth. Always becoming.

Our PositiveOne principles are key to our beliefs:

  1. Accept my truth – Be myself and be bold in my personality. Do not attempt to conform to someone else’s expectations of who I should be. Live my life according to my vision.
  1. Stay in my lane – Focus on my strengths. Don’t fear asking for help. Understand my areas of opportunity.
  1. Accept people for where they are in their journey – Don’t expect others to conform to my life – let others be who they are. View people from a positive lens – do not put others in a box because I might miss the gift they have to offer me.
  1. I become what I think about – Be conscious of the things you feed your mind. The TV you watch, books you read, people you surround yourself with – all of these can affect your thoughts, which guide your character.
  1. What I focus on will expand – The things I expect and desire for my life will only happen if my daily behaviors support those expectations and desires. If I focus on my life goals, they will take shape and grow.
  1. Have a “checkmate” in my life – Have a friend, family member or mentor in my life that holds me accountable and helps me be the best version of myself. Someone who accepts me for who I am. Someone who is not afraid to tell me what I don’t want to hear.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”
-William Shakespeare

Our Mission
To empower and encourage people to think positively by building their self-awareness, self-confidence & self-worth.

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