Our Mission

To empower and encourage people to think positively by building their 

self-awareness, self-confidence & self-worth.


  • Impact of all media

  • Inferiority complex that systemic racism creates

  • How increased self-awareness can help you confront your bias

  • How you can be acting racist and not know it

  • Importance of the statement – “Accept My Truth”


Customer Testimonies

The Reality Check Workshop is a reflective approach to confronting issues of racial inequity. Participants will be guided through discussions to identify implicit bias and understand the root causes of how someone’s beliefs,

thoughts, and actions perpetuates racial inequality. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how implicit biases can lead to detrimental decisions and unfair treatment of people.

What We Do:

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Empowerment Specialist

As empowerment specialists we simply empower individuals, organizations, classrooms, small businesses and corporations by provoking thought to enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence and self-worth.  We reach a diverse clientele because our core principles are universal.  All of our seminars, speaking events or workshops are centered around the Principles of Positive One.

Our Principles

1. Accept my truth

Be myself and be bold in my personality. Do not attempt to conform to someone else’s expectations of who I should be. Live my life according to my vision.

2. Stay in my lane

Focus on my strengths. Don’t fear asking for help. Understand my areas of opportunity.

3. Accept people for where they are in their journey

Don’t expect others to conform to my life – let others be who they are. View people from a positive lens – do not put others in a box because I might miss the gift they have to offer me.

4. I become what I think about

Be conscious of the things I feed my mind. The media I watch, books I read, people I surround myself with affect my thoughts, which guide my character.

5. What I focus on will expand

The things I expect and desire for my life will only happen if my daily behaviors support those expectations and desires. If I focus on my life goals, they will take shape and grow.


6. Have a “checkmate” in my life

Have a friend, family member or mentor in my life that holds me accountable and helps me be the best version of myself. Someone who accepts me for who I am. Someone who is not afraid to tell me what I don’t want to hear.

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“Our thoughts are traders and make us lose the good that we often might win, by fearing to attempt.”

William Shakespear