The journey exposes the smiles, joys, hurts, triumphs, heartbreaks, love and the complexities of life. It is not a matter of whether we have experiences but how we view our experiences that separates the fulfilled from those left starving.

Before my eyes meet day, I thank Allah for everything for all of the glories and wonders of life in this world and the next. Afterwards, I recite the affirmation that frames my day,”I am love and inspire wisdom,”is my personal mission statement. This gives my day purpose and intent. I’m reminded in overwhelming moments to breathe deeply, close my eyes and meditate on my purpose. To be happy I must remain positive and know where to find beauty in myself and others. Surrounding myself with a supportive, benevolent village motivates me to live in love. It is that love that inspires meaningful experiences and relationships. I inspire by cultivating wisdom everywhere I go. I watch. I listen. I read and share in the wisdom of my teachers, leaders and ancestors. In so doing, I have learned to perform self care. For too long I had not functioned at my optimal best but never took the time to evaluate what I was feeding myself. It’s imperative to be selective of what we feed ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. We can only be strong when we remind ourselves of all the beauty and genius we posses. You need only measure up to the you of yesterday.

Making it to where I am regardless of my circumstance has always been under my control. I walk in a journey with backdrops that have not always been scenic but meaningful. I am looking forward to stumbling upon the rolling hills of love and uncharted seas of bliss. Through it all I never question. I lean on imagination to reach heights no one has ever seen before. The mind creates our reality.

by Jasmine Bourdeau