Community Connections

“How we treat others reflects how we feel inside about ourselves”.

We show love to the community through school programs, youth athletics, volunteerism and mentorship.

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P1 Media

“You become what you think about”.

We want to provide information and entertainment that is positive, uplifting and empowering. Our media is centered around what is right with the world instead of our challenges and tragedies.

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P1 Connections

“We are all connected”.

PositiveOne believes in individual growth by creating strategic relationships to learn, share and develop personal economics. P1 Connections provides a gateway for you to take all of your dreams, goals and aspirations to the next level.

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Community Connections 

P1 Athletics  •  Volunteerism  •  Mentorship

P1 Athletics


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P1 Media

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P1 Connections

“We do Business in a personal way.”

Office Pride Janitorial

Lain Consulting LLC

Habitat For Humanity – Charlotte

Charlotte Habitat For Humanity

Castin LLC

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