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Michele Legette
” If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be doing fitness I would have thought you were out of your mind,” she laughed profusely. Michele’s experience confirms that life can lead us to roads we least expect. On her road she triumphed over hills of sickness, detours of mishaps, and recovered after accidents. The journey has also afforded her serendipitous sights, invaluable relationships and experiences of zeniths she never thought she would reach.
Michele Legette, a 50 year old minister at Miracle Temple Family Fellowship in Lake View, South Carolina; has 4 children: Leslie, Jeffery, Chris, and Terence and 2 grandchildren: Jonathan and Cameron; is a wife to T.C.; Michele has a lot to live for. Starting in 2010, she suffered from diabetes, cholesterol complications, hypertension and sleep apnea. Today she is a trainer, has lost a substantial amount of weight, remedied her medical issues through health and wellness changes and uses her knowledge to give back to others. It took a trying experience for Michele to shift her thinking, ” instead of doing what’s right I was just going to keep going,” she explains that it’s not enough to go through the moments, one must live each moment to the fullest. A Positive Beauty

Michele leans on scripture 3 John 2: “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers,” pushing her through her journey of internal and external health. When times were difficult for her after a car accident, she no longer wanted to get up. It was difficult for her to work out. Michele is a firm believer in God divinely placing people and situations in lives. She recognized this intervention through  motivation by a young man who told Legette, “it’s in you, all you have to do is choose. I can’t do it for you.” This is what she needed to hear to get back up. Michele Legette shares, “there will be days when we cry and there will be days when you laugh” it’s about choosing to live every single day and not giving up. With all of Michele Legette’s investment in service she could see its fruits. She  serves through love and receives love from others.

One afternoon Michele was with her grandchildren when her grandson got burned on his face and took off running out of pain, fear or anguish. She thanked God that she had the stamina and speed to catch up to him. She recognizes she would not have been able to save him if she were in her old body. She is thankful that she decided to make the change and believed she was capable of achieving a positive outlook on health and fitness.

Michele used her candy and snacks money toward something she never thought she could afford. She hired a personal trainer and was given the tools to continue her journey to success. Once she saw she could make such a monumental change, Legette gave back her newfound knowledge to others. She believes in collaboration over competition, a phrase heard while frequenting a P1 event. She is a trainer and holds events like the jumprope challenge. Michele gets ‘hype’ for classes even after a long day. She wants her students to have good energy, so she leads by example. She listens to music to get her spirits up. When she sees her students entering, they can already feel her energy and in turn get ‘hype’ like her. Michele never lets them forget that health is wealth.

Michele Legette’s journey through health and fitness taught her that 80% of health is in the diet (the way we eat). She does not believe in diets where we deprive ourselves the food we love just to binge eat at our weakest moments. Michele denounces diets and points of the eery coincidence that the word “die” is in diets. She replaces the idea of diets with, at first, seemingly small life changes that later progress into a healthier outlook on food and exercise. She believes in portion control, substituting white rice for: brown rice, quinoa, couscous or sweet potato, and eating healthy starches and proteins. Pair this with daily physical activity and a healthy mindset and you have all the tools for a positive transformation. Michele reveals that health and wealth is supported through loving self and accepting where you are on the journey.

Michele encourages us to be who we are because no one “can beat you at being you.” She says, people will tell you “it doesn’t work,” that you can’t do it but it’s about believing in self and making the choice to change. There is no change without choice and Michele chose to be fit so she could run and play and have longevity enough to be there for her grandchildren. She gives advice to those who are searching for their reason to get up and fight harder everyday. Michele recognizes, “If you wake up thinking about it and go to sleep thinking about it… that’s your purpose… that is your why! ” After finding purpose Michele Legette finds importance in praying, staying connected with someone who is positive, building spirit through reading and watching motivational content, being open to receiving divine appointments and connections, being flexible enough to barter, utilizing a mentor, using self reflection to make improvements and finally, “when you choose you- success comes! ”
Michele’s client shared her testimonial:
“6 months ago my AC 1 was 15.1, when I went to the doctor I was put on 4 insulin shots. After working with Michele Legette, my A1C is down to 5.1!”

Michele basks in a plethora of testimonials, like the one above, that show her impact on others. She has used health and fitness as a means of giving back to her community and encouraging people to take back their lives. Often times we hear of heroines using fairy dust to save our crumbling world or of being offered the blue pill that will lead down the rabbit hole toward the holy grail of emotional and physical stability. Legette knows there is most certainly no magic pill that will turn our physiques into Serena Williams’s. Legette explains putting in hard work is not always glamorous but investing in self is always worth it. #Awesome # Keep Pressing Keep Moving And Most Definitely Keep Praying

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